All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth… wait I already got those this year.

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Well its about time that I put out some kind of Christmas list, because it’s in 8 days. It seems so early this year. i guess that’s cause time has been flying by this year. well lets cut to the meat of this post.
New Belt
(brown or black)
(the kind you could wear a collared shirt under)
Work shirts
(the kind you could wear a sweater over)
Polo Shirts
(the kind… i could wear to work)
Work Pants
(Brown, Black, Grey, Tan, I can use all kinds. I like flat front but pleats are fine. 38×34 <----- no comment) New Shoes (I have black ones, but they are old, brown leather shoes would be good, size 12) NOT FOR WORK:: Airbrush Kit (I have wanted an airbrush for a long time, I want a good one [paasche, etc, not testors], with a compressor and everything, I think I will have to buy this one for myself since they run over $250) Spare Car Keys (I keep locking myself out of my car) New Hat (I'm tired of the ones I have, A cool looking one from a skate company would be good. Or a new braves/redskins fitted hat 7 5/8 new-era , I like the originals and the new cool ones <--- single color {black,grey}) Long Sleeve T-Shirts (It's cold in Virginia! Redskins,Wizards,Braves,Illinois,Mason, or any skate company) Hooded Sweatshirts (See Above) GMU Stuff (Alumni Stuff, tshirts, sweatshirts, most anything) Need for Speed Underground 2 (Xbox Game, i'm not giving up games yet!) T-Shirts (Seriously, this is the coolest thing ever, people send in designs , other people vote on them, they print shirts and sell them, for $10 till xmas. If you get me these I will like it alot, and enter mark5four0 inthe street team member spot and i will get free stuff. i like all the designs so it dosen't matter which) New Laptop bag (mine is falling apart - needs - shoulder strap, fits a apple TiBook 15", looks cool) dvd's (Elf, Anchorman, Billy Madison-Happy Gilmore, Office Space, Seinfeld DVD sets, I-Robot, The Bourne Supremecy, Chronicles of Riddick, Clerks X [must buy from to get autographed version]) I can't think of anything else right now! but i will!

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