Crushing on Xbox Live

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I was totally crushing on Halo2 last night. I was playing rumble pit by myself while charlie2 was studying and Boner was taking an exam. I started ranked a 4 but I was totally owning these guys and by the end I was ranked 6. I swear I had a game where I had 25 kills and 2 deaths… but then… Boner got home and we had to play Team Slayer, or as I like to call it. “Boner yells too much and makes me want to punch him in the crotch” we usually don’t do terribly bad at these games but it’s just so close all the time. plus there are only 3 of us and there are 4 people on a team. So half the time we get matched up with a total loser, and that just sucks. I don’t really get the total importance of the ranking system like Boner does. If i’m having fun at the particular time then I’m ok, the ranking is just a bonus. Having said that I don’t want to loose my ranking. Tonight I hope that I will be able to get in some good gaming, I’ve made a playlist that should help me mop the floor with the competition.

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