Apparently Tuesday is Blogday!


I looked at the calendar on the left of the page and it seems that I like to post Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m going to try to post on other days just to make it look better. I went home for the long weekend to spend time with my parents. It was fun, I played basketball on Sunday night, and of course hurt myself a little bit. My knee was pretty busted up all day Monday and by the end of the day it was hard to walk up the three flights of stairs to our appartment. And today the cold isn’t helping me not feel like an old man. Also not helping is the fact that I ran to the door of the office building so I could be in the same elevator car with a cute girl who works on the 6th floor. In other news I still need to buy an exhaust system for my car in order to get that piece of poop inspected. And of course I stopped by Ikea and donated my usual amount. But now our house is looking more and more respectable. And I don’t care if Cote does make fun of me for it. I have style.

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