Inauguration Schmoguration


So I probably should have written this when I got home from the ball, or at least yesterday. But I was still recovering. On Wednesday my parents took me to the Illinois State Society Inaugural Ball. Since the dinner at the ball was astronomically expensive we decided to go out to a place that was slightly less expensive, Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. The only thing I have to say about that place is, Oh dear Lord, Beef has never tasted so good. I would say well worth the price. After that we took the metro, In tuxedos, to the Grand Hyatt in DC. The hotel was really cool, and the whole place was decked out. There were lots of people there that I could only immagine were political insiders or something equally interesting. At the very least they were wealthy. So me and the ‘rents mingled about for a little while looking at all the fabulous Illinois stuff, if you can call it that. After a couple hours they settled into one of the upstairs ballrooms and I ventured off on my own. My expensive cash bar drink in one hand and a bit of confidence in the other. After realizing that most of the people there were uncaring asshats, I amused myself by fraternizing with the help. My years of expierence in the food service industry has told me that they would be the most fun to talk to anyway. After a while my parents found me and told me that they were making a night of it and heading back to the car. I told them that I would take the Metro home myself. I made my rounds again, this time heading to that den on iniquity know as the country western saloon. That’s when I spotted a lovely young woman, who was obviously embarassed by something going on out on the dancefloor. I jumped at the chance and struck up a conversation. Now I realize that this post is getting long so I’ll leave out the details. But lets just say that she made the night not boring anymore. and I actually danced to a country song, not that I remember much of anything beyond her beautiful blue eyes. Hopefully I’ll be talking to her again. Although she does live in Michigan. or Arizona. or West Virginia. or all of the above?

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