The Hitchhikers Guide to…HOLY CRAP!!


So lets say that I’m excited about this movie. Lets say that excitement levels for this movie have almost have almost reached my 15 year old “Independence Day” or “Episode 1” levels. And this is after the huge letdown that is known as the first Star Wars prequel. After which I promised myself that I wouldn’t get involved in the pre release hype. But I feel that this is different. I read the book(s) in 7th grade, which is a major accomplishment because I had most likely only read 1 other book at that time that wasn’t written by the good Dr. Seuss. Then I remember checking the BBC miniseries out from the library. Even to my 7th grade eyes this had bad effects. But I still remember loving it. Now they have made a “real” movie about it. With “real” special effects and really not British people? Well I’ll just have to overlook that point. I’ve never been one of those people that says that the book is better than the movie. The book(s) are certainly going to be longer than the move and contain more information. But Hitchhikers is different. It started as a Radio play, then a book, then a movie, then a comic book, then more books, and now a movie. (I probably didn’t get this right, don’t bother) Each one has told the story slightly differently, and they have all worked together to make the whole better. There is no way that this movie can suck, at least for me, I cannot speak for you. so check out the trailers and see what you think. The international version is more like the BBC series.
International Bonus Trailer
Official Trailer

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