C3P0 was a hammer…


I was thinking last night as a drifted in and out of sleep. I was thinking about Star Wars, the droids to be specific. If Anakin made C3PO in the first movie, then he would be about 40 years old by the time Luke picked him up from the Jawas. I was trying to relate this to my own experiences. In my parents basement there are things that my dad made, but I would never think of ever using them. An apple computer with 4k of ram laid out on a piece of plywood wouldn’t get you very far. The only thing that I could relate this to would be tools. I would still use tools that are in the workshop because they haven’t changed much in 40 years, but never electronics. Then I tried to defend SW by thinking that maybe because technology is so much more advanced in the movies that it takes longer to become obsolete. But then looking at the movies I noticed that they can’t even keep the same ships from movie to movie, and that span of time is only a few years. In defense of the movies I know after the Empire took over the rebels sort of ran low on supplies and couldn’t get the newest ships from their local dealership anymore. So that sort of explains why they were flying x-wings for three movies, and the fact that they are badass. But I like the first reason. C3PO is a tool.

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