Food Coma and the masters of the universe…


Nothing like a good food coma to pass the time. Unless you’re sitting at your desk trying desperately to keep your head from smashing down on the keyboard.

Coma’s have there place in my life. Where would Thanksgiving be without the after-turkey food coma to lull you to sleep during the first half of the boring Bears-Lions game. Or perhaps to take you out of any family arguments that might arise after someone insults your aunt’s sweet potato pie. Rendering you a harmless lump on the couch during the aftermath, only to awaken with a hunger for more delicious turkey sandwiches.

food coma also leads to my least favorite sleep related ailment. The “staring into the sun on the drive home sleep fight” I thought staring into the sun would only make your retinas burst into flames or make you sneeze. Turns out that when combined with an overfull stomach that it’s a recipe for drowsiness. A couple times a week on the way home I have felt my head bob down and actually have to think about staying awake. I’m also the guy who makes you miss the light because I fell asleep at the red light, Hate me now!

I think writing this has made me a little more alert, maybe I can fight off sleep for another hour. Then I get to start the commute of death…gbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyhgbyh gbyhgbyhgbyhfdhhfdh… or maybe not.

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