So I’m on this thing now…


After months of teasing Charlie cause all he does is talk to people on myspace I finally broke down and joined. I’ve never used one of these “social networks” so it was a new expierence. It seems pretty simple, you just meet new people and talk to them. I would have never done this two years ago, but I’ve been getting a lot more social since then. I think I’m turning into my mother! She knows everyone! The site works pretty well… although I do have a few gripes with it. Everyone raves about the “customizations” of the profiles…but. Don’t get me wrong it is there and you can do some things. But they aren’t actually supported in the code, they all seem to be things that people have hacked into working. You just drop css commands into a comments section and it takes the place of their default settings. I think that myspace would be far better off using a css based layout instead of the tables that they use right now. They could learn a lot from the Zen Garden. If myspace had the same functionality with that level of customization it would rule the earth. but there is something to be said for a simple layout that even the slowest user can get the hang of. But I cant rant forever I have to get back to distracting my self from work.
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