Did I ever write that down…


wanted to write something about couples at Ikea, but I cant remember if I ever wrote it down. I have lots of little ideas like that. They usually come to me when I’m no where near paper or a computer. Sometimes they come when I’m laying in bed, but then i’m too tired to even roll over and write them down. One time I tried saying the idea out loud before I drifted off to sleep, btu all I could remember in the morning was “grarble grable brable, remember that in the morning” So that’s why this month has been a slow writing month. I like the couples at Ikea, and I want to be one, or I should say part of one. They all look young and attractive, obviously buying things for their first place. It’s so exciting. When I go there alone sometimes I pretend to be looking for the other half of my couple, like she’ll be just around the next corner looking at the “Naglog” picture frame set. Yesterday I got to pretend with Katey that we were one of them, it was fun. She is fun. She’s just like me in too many ways, it’s a little weird honestly. Maybe I’ll write more about this later.

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