It’s Glorious…


[15:37] theRoamingBone: and charlie said let there be vaccum
[15:37] theRoamingBone: and there was
[15:37] Mark5four0: ahhhhhh
[15:38] Mark5four0: the glory
[15:38] Mark5four0: overt your eyes
[15:38] theRoamingBone: yes
[15:38] theRoamingBone: it’s glorious
[15:38] Mark5four0: now do you remember how to use it
[15:38] theRoamingBone: that’s the hard part

These are two email’s I got from Jenn when I asked her to check out a band called “Jack off Jill” for a friend of mine…

Apparently these bands are similar- london after midnight, lords of acid, rasputina, switchblade symphony, kmfdm, my dying bride, bikini kill, murderdolls, and kidney theives. im gonna listen to that band and tell you what i think they sound like. i’ll be back again.
and this is the second one…

jesus fucking christ man, is she deaf? that shit is horrible!! seriously, ok, i’ll try to make you understand. um….. picture a chick who sounds like a five year old talking in a little girly voice saying shit about cunts and angels fucking devils and then smash some metal pans together and listen to Rosanne scream at the same time. it sucks dude.

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