What I Don’t want…


For a couple months I’ve been trying to come up with a list of things that I’m looking for in the perfect woman. It has been shaping up pretty well, but something that I realized is that I’m very flexible in what I’m willing to accept. What I really need to write is a list of things that I dont want, which is much easier and much more annoying.

Punctual and won’t cancel plans
Not that I’m on time for everything, but I’m getting better. I can’t believe how annoyed I get when people cancel plans or make me wait around for a long time.

Not too high maintanence
I don’t mind a girl who likes to get dressed up. But I can barely keep a normal girl happy, I can’t be buying jewelry and clothes for these women.

Bags are packed
I’m getting to that age where I can’t expect women not to have some kind of past, a little baggage. But I can’t solve your problems. I am a good listener, but I have a limit.

Gotta be able to take it
I’ve only had this problem once, but you have to be able to take sarcasm. I dont really bring the heat on my women the way I do on my boys, but you need to have slightly thick skin.

Lying to your mom
WTF is up with that. I hate hearing that you have to make up some elaborate story to tell your mom to explain where/what/who you were doing last night. Not telling them is one thing, but straight up lying is a no-go.

Skeezy friends
I had some loser stoner friends in High School and I liked them. But the reason that we don’t hang out much anymore is that I realised that they weren’t going anywhere.

here’s where I loose some people. Every girl I have dated or liked has fallen into this catergory, and I hope I’m not offending any one.

College Dropouts
seriously, I know how to pick em’ I need a girl with her head on her shoulders. College is not that hard, going to class is about 75% of the problem. I want someone who at least has the drive to get through it. Going to NoVA is just fine.

So i’ve ranted enough about this, I don’t think that these are weird things to ask, I just want to find a nice normal girl. Seems that they are in short supply.

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