Gearing up for florida…


So it’s monday, I leave for Tallahassee Florida on Wednesday night. So I’m getting all excited about leaving for Fla. The weather here isn’t helping any right now either. Luckily for the weekend the weather was good. I went to Ben and Bonnie’s graduation party and had a lot of fun playing vollyball and Beriut (Beerpong). Which BTW Ben and I crush at.

The bad part about today is that I think I may be coming down with something. My throught was hurting and I was all stuffy, so I thought I would kick in some meds and clear this up. So a couple shots in the nose from the Zicam bottle and wham… much much worse. I think the Zicam strategy is to condense the cold into a small amount of time. There is no cure, only treatment.

I’m starting to feel better now, so that’s good. And would you look at that.. it’s time to go home! Later.

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