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I just thought of something that annoyed me… and I thought I’d share it with you. So home electronics have always been complicated and most people don’t understand them anyway, but with all this new High Definition (HD) stuff happening right now things are getting downright ridiculous. It’s not really the tv sets that I have a problem with, although you do have to wade through HD-ready and EDTV confusion. Its all the other little hangers on that want to get a piece of the HD pie.

Does your product even display video?
Then you have no right to use the phrase ‘HD’! I saw a commercial for Windex that claimed that your windows would not just be clean, but HIGH DEFINITION clean. That makes no fucking sense!! Your eyes see in MUCH MUCH more definition than HD, what they’re claiming is that you’re windows will now be blurrier. And also they think you are a moron.
Along the same lines I saw a Kodak disposable camera that took HD pictures… Again STUPID, this was not a digital camera, it was a FILM camera. Even if it was digital, a shitty 1 megapixel camera has almost the resolution of HD video.
I have a lesser beef with FOX sports. When I started watching FOX Sunday football I found one thing disturbing,besides a sweaty polo-shirted Tony Sarragusa on the sidelines. During almost every commercial break they would put up some fancy animation and the announcer would say ” FOX Sports, broadcasting in 720p and Dolby Digital 5.1 the worlds best High Definition standards”. They possibly said standard just to make this statement true, as 5.1 is the highest audio you can get. Cause 1080i is the highest or possibly 1080p if that exists. But I feel lied to every time I hear Joe Buck say that. Go back to baseball and stop complaining about Randy Moss mooning the crowd…
Seacrest OUT! via HDTV

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