Much like the “Big Kat” before it, the “Big Cup” is candy domination…


Because my love of special limited edition candy is greater than my love of 89 cents I picked up another gem today. This time the candy of the moment is the Reese’s BIG CUP. It’s just that, a giant peanut butter cup. The bigger size feels good in my hand, like a roll of pennies or a small dog. I sat here and ogled it for a little bit, bathing in it’s majesty. I even took a pic with my phone so I could tell my grandkids about this moment. I peeled back the wrapper and took my first delicious bite. Oh dear lord that’s a lot of peanut buttery goodness.
Sidebar, your honor.
Anybody else remember those commercials about the different ways people eat Reese’s? Some would nibble around the outside, blow out the middle and eat the ring last, or eat it in one bite. Well after devouring this confectionary delight I would have to say that my style is, getting done with it and still having all my fingers is job number 1. Once the taste gets in my mouth I just have to have more, and the feeding frenzy ensues.
So now I’m sitting here with this lump of candy in me, thinking if it was a good idea to eat it. Besides 12g of fat and 210 calories I would say that it was worth it.

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