Mine Broham…


I love that new Molson beer commercial. Especially the first part

Your Molson mine broham.
Big ups to thee my friend

So anyway I’ve had a few milestones this week. My new car hit 3000 miles yesterday when I was coming back from work. Also I had my first nosehair escape from the friendly confines of right nostril. I’m going to write this entry about one of these events… can you guess which one it is?

So I’m doing the normal picking in there. Not getting knuckle deep or anything, just the normal matinience. When I got snagged like a dolphin in a tuna net. But this was no ordinary booger, I felt around the rim and found little feelers sticking out. Needless to say I grabbed them bitches and yanked. Oh.. dear.. god.. Have you ever heard actors say that when they need to cry onstage they pull a nosehair? Well that is a correct statement sir. I could have won a Oscar with that preformance. But I guess this is another sign of impending death.

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