What’s the deal with toilet seat covers…


I see these paper ass-gaskets in every public bathroom that I go into, but where did that idea come from? I didn’t pay them any attention because of my policy of not being hygenic. So anyway these things are made of paper right, which isn’t know for its germ blocking ability. The only reason that I thought I would ever use them is if the seat was covered in piss, but at that point the paper would just absorb the liquid and create an urine-paper-machet art project on my ass. What are people afraid of anyway? It’s not like I’m going to touch my asscheeks and then lick my hands. The cheek is not the part of your ass you touch when dropping a deuce. Do people that use the seat protector not wipe their ass either, that’s much grosser than a public toilet seat. Besides when you flush the toilet it sprays fecal material like 20 feet. Nothing in the bathroom is safe, muahhh amhhahah. So just wash your hands… but don’t use antibacterial soap, that just makes Supergerms… Muahahaha mhahahaha

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