I’m on a roll today…


I saw Ken Jennings (K Jen) on Jeopardy the other day. It was good to see that little guy again. But it just wasn’t the same. When we were watching him every day last year there was excitement. How much would he crush “Judy, a home-maker from Tulsa” by. It’s the reason people like the Yankees, or used to be. Americans like dynasties. So here he was on the “Ultimate Tournament of Champions” not exactly getting crushed, but these other guys were good. I think the score at the end of the first day (it was a 3 day cumulative event) was KJen 14000, Brad 20000, “fat bearded guy” 15000. *all scores estimated due to this being 2 weeks later* It didn’t even have the power to make me watch the other two days… and good thing too cause Kjen went down. But this new guy seems alright, but Ken went out like a champ. When he didn’t know the final answer, he wrote “Go Brad” on his screen. I for one welcome our new Jeopardy overlord. Viva la Jennings!

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