Waking up at 6am in a tiny tent is not as bad as it seems…


On Saturday I went to a housewarming party in Fredricksburg with Peter. I hadn’t seen him in a while so we spent the first couple hours at his house catching up on stuff and looking after his two kids… which was suprisingly not weird. After his wife got home we were off the hook for the night. We got some energy drinks and got ready for a long night.

After some driving we arrived at the house. It was a nice house next to the train tracks, we didn’t realize how close until later in the night when we wondered over onto them. But I thought that drinking on the tracks was just asking for it. So we moved back to the yard. When we got there the keg was running a little low, but there was enough in there to get the party started. The hotdogs started rolling off the grill, and right into our waiting mouths. Buns where MIA, But the meat was tasty none the less. About that time Wayne got popped in the mouth by his girlfriend. (they were play fighting, but she has tiny fists that can sneak in under the radar) So one man down early, it got late early for us cause we got there at 1030.

Hanging out with the guys from Honky Tonk was awesome. If I met them somewhere else I might have been intimidated by them, but they are the nicest bunch of guys I ever met. Apparently Peter was the front desk monkey for them while he was living in F-Burg. It’s always good to know different kinds of people and of course they’re on myspace

So I should get back to the story of the night. People came and left, the neighbors came over and hung out, they were obviously a little uncomfortable, but they were troopers. Amazingly nobody fell in the fire, rolled off the roof, or got hit by a train. As more people left we were drawn to the fire like moths. Sitting around the fire was relaxing and cool, only broken up by frequent trips to the woods to pee on civil war ghosts. After a good while of this I decided to give up and head for the tent that had been designated ours. After about 5 minutes of struggling with the flap I finally made it in to our red and blue sanctum. You’d think that this would be the end… but when nature called in the middle of the night I had to climb over Peter (who had silently entered the tent like some kind of drunken ninja) and back out the the field. When I got back into the tent I noticed that Pete had found a soft blanket, as this was better than the napkin that I had been using we had a little struggle for control of it. A compromise was evidently reached, I think.

and then almost instantly… It was morning… bright, bright, morning. Seemed like Pete was instantly awake, I didn’t know what he was saying but he was definatley saying it to me. And he was definatley getting out of the tent. Then the words finally made it through my brain “Look at how small that tent is”. Neither Peter or I are small guys, I’m 6’5″ and he is 6′. and apparently that tent was made for a 6 year old. It dawned on us later that they had said that they set it up for their kid. For about 10 minutes I couldn’t stop laughing when I thought about that tent. I still get a little chuckle thinking about it. I’ll try to post some pictures from that night, cause I spent some time finding my camera on the ground in the morning.

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