Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Brown Cowboy…

Cap n
Do you ever just see something that makes you realize how stupid you were as a kid? This is a post about this guy finding a pinball machine in the street and how excited he was about it because it’s a really valuable collectors item. Wow, that’s something I really want to hear. Why you ask? I know I’ve seen this somewhere… but where… OHHHH that’s right it was right next to my freakin bunk beds in my room as a kid. BUT! I apparently had no concept of taking care of things when I was younger. So I may have painted the playing field a different color… I thought I was making things better, BETTER I tell you. So everytime I see that I’ve disgraced on of the most sought after machines in Pinball history, I cringe a little. But hey, it’s alright it’s just a little paint. And it is an Elton John pinball machine for pete’s sake

via Hoopty Rides

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