I really want this to be my plate…

Fignuts VA
I was looking through a directory of vanity plates today and I was inspired to check if they are available in Virginia. I have to give it to the people at the DMV their website catches mostly all of the offensive ones, even the backwards ones. 3MTA3 being my favorite… think about it…there you go! I have MARK540 on my truck and I was thinking of getting that transfered to the Scion. But maybe it’s time to go with something new. Something nerdier, or cooler? The ones that I though of in the last 20 minutes sitting here are UZTHE4C , HALOTWO, 5FOUR0, NTELNSYD, or … FIGNUTS! I really really want Fignuts, cause it is also my xbox live ID. But there is no way that the DMV would ever let something that obvious slip through. Though they did let Richie get FUGGGLY so there’s always a chance. But it specifically states in the rules that the plate “may not describe intimate areas or genitals”… I would never do that I just love Newtons!

via Vanity Plate List

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