Construction has begun…


The Sasauge spent Sunday in Stafford begining construction on what will become the greatest feat in college human history. The Draft Bastards/Vienna Sausage/Something not gay professional Beer-Pong Stadium. The plans are glorious! Complete with scoreboard and all time champions charts. The Centerpiece of that facility will of course be the most awesomely spectacular table ever created. We didn’t have the camera with us so pictures of the construction will have to wait a few days. Some things you can look forward to are… Lighted plexiglass cup area… Sweet ass grafitti style graphics… Interactive center logo… Changeable lighted cup underglow. If none of this means anything to you well, there might be a reason. I’ve never seen anyone do this before. When finished this will be the Death Star of pong tables. It will demolish any plywood on sawhorses fraternaty table that I’ve ever seen. Avert your eyes to the glory that 2 engineers, a CS major, and an Art Major can create. Updates coming soon.
via Bpong dot com

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