I hate this shit…

Bus Bomb London 7-7-05
Just when I thought that the only thing I had to worry about today was not farting in my office, this comes along. I had just watched 30 Days last night, on this episode a man from West Virginia lived with a muslim family for 30 days. I thought it was really good at showing the real values of Islam. I also started to feel bad that the arabs in this country are being targeted at airports and getting strange looks everywhere… buuuuut then I watched Mind Of Mencia which has a much funnier better view on the subject. We take turns in this country. IT’s THEIR TURN. Carlos makes some really good points… but i don’t feel like piling on… or actually saying them outloud. But let’s just say that it was hilarious.
And then we have another terrorist attack today… and who was it? Was it a black guy? Was it a Mexican in a lowrider? NO, it was fuckin Al Queda again. I’m not saying that all muslims are secretly planning to take over the world, but give us whiteys a break if we give you a sideways glance once in a while. You just happen to look like the guys that are trying to kill us.
PS. I still love you Suleman! Just put on a poncho and sombrero when you go out in public for a few days and you should be cool.
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