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Oh so here’s something that will cheer you up. I just found this trailer on Dark Horizons. I usually pride myself on knowing what movies are coming out and having seen all the trailers online before I see them in the theaters. I just love movies. As a dork I love bad sci-fi movies, as an Art major I love weird imax movies like Baraka and as an idiot I like brain switching off movies like Bad Boys 2. So there usually isn’t a movie that won’t entertain me. I do warn people about that when telling them to go see a movie that I liked. Having said that, If you ever worked in a restaraunt, GO SEE THIS MOVIE.
Lets go down the positives that I saw in the trailer.

* Starring Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder)
* I definatley saw Dane Cook in there
* the skinny kid from dodgeball
* set in a restaraunt named SHENANAGINZ, you know that place with all the goofy shit on the walls!
* writer/director describes it as clerks in a restaraunt.
* it’s set in a fucking restaraunt!!
* “don’t ever send it back”
* that guy from the daily show as the gung ho boss
* hot underage hostesses…
* The Five Second Rule

these could all be things that I saw at Ruby Tuesdays or Carlos okelleys. I want NEED to see this movie. I know it won’t suck, cause it can’t! There is no possible situation that I won’t love this movie. I think I’ll buy the poster ahead of time so that I can stare at it in the basement. Comes out 9/23/2005 I’ll be there
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