Camping on the James…


Camping at Hatton Ferry So I went camping and tubing over the weekend. It was really fun on Saturday and really relaxing on Sunday. Mostly because on Saturday we made up a frisbee game where one of the rules was you always had to have a beer in your hand at all times. The funniest part of this was my one man rescue mission into the river to save the frisbee from floating away. It was like a Jowh Woo movie when I jumped into the river as I threw my shirt to Kyle on the river bank. But that’s where my sweet moves ended as my second dive landed my hip square on a rock boulder that was about 3 inches below the water. But I’m obviously hardcore, cause I suffered through it and saved the hostiges frisbee. After this game was over we were so out of it that we just ate hunks of meat right off the fire, followed by hotdogs and smores! Sleeping was a little difficult as Brian and I somehow became the lords of the flies. We had 15 or so little roomates in there with us. The next day we woke up around 9 and got down to the van down by the river bus that took us to the river. So we loaded into our tubes and prepared for a long long day of strenuous floating. Interupted by super soaker fights and cliff jumping. It was a good day, but nobody really felt like drinking that much, cause of our game from yesterday. We got back and went out to Charlottesville to use a computer and eat at “Little Johns” deli. Which I will have to say that wasn’t the best I’ve ever had. It was like they but beef stew on a bun? just a little weird. Later when we got back to the camp site Ben, Brian, and I reprised our camping tradition of blowing stuff up and burning things. Also our tradition of getting scared of sticks in the woods was going strong. I remember Ben litterally jumping on the table when we turned around and saw that a raccoon was five feet away from us getting the chocolate out of the cooler. Good times. About then we decided it was time to go to bed. The next day we packed up and went home. all that was left was to shower and get some clean clothes. AND I got sunburned in the shade! good for me! via Camping Gallery

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