I don’t often brag about my Halo skills, but…

Halo2 amazing
It was last night, We were playing a bit o’ the Halo. We had been up and down, mostly down. But we convinces Charlie to come and lose with us. We got on a level that’s really hit or miss. But OH man did I hit it! I didn’t even die! It’s like pitching a perfect game. Sadly I’ve gotten no kills before but never even close to no deaths. I’m usually the crazy asshole that runs into the fight with hardly any shield left. This was crazy game where I couldn’t be stopped. Everytime they came close to killing me, I would pull some amazing move and crush them in the back of the skull. I would also have to say that it was a team effort because I was stealing many kills from the boys. When it was over I was so excited that I actually ran around the room and gave everybody high fives.
Just in case you were thinking I’m an Ultra Nerd… well I am! This may be my single greatest video game achievement. And yes the other team may have sucked… but I whipped their ass.
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