Cardboard Boat update #1…

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So we had the 2nd annual cardboard boat race on Saturday. I was really excited about it this year, I had high hopes for our boats this year. I was sure that we had the winning designs. Oh man was I proved wrong. I would have swore that we made almost the same boats as last year. But hindsight is 20/20. Our boats were incredably unstable. I may say.. not even usable. But! But! My boat did win most creative design! Schumaker Cardboard Yacht Club, 2 years in a row!
After the debacle of the first race our boats weren’t looking good. I had paid less attention to structure than last year because my boat was so much more complicated. Jesse took the other approach and went hog wild on the paint and waterproofing. For the second race we had the stroke of genious to tape our boats together, twice the stability! That sort of worked. We almost made it halfway around the course before the Titanic2 blew apart in a sloppy blob of cardboard. But It was much more fun than the first race.
I did have a really good time and I’m sure i’ll be back for next year. I have to defend my design crown! Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some more people to do it with me! I’ll post the pictures in the gallery sometime this week.
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