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I heard about this article on Elliot this morning. I thought it was a joke… but not so lucky. The NCAA has banned the use of “offensive” nicknames during postseason play this year. These names include Seminoles, Illini, Redmen, Orangemen, blah blah blah. This is asinine. Apparently these names aren’t offensive during the regular season, just the postseason when the national spotlight is on them. You know what’s next right? They will be coming after my Redskins and Braves. Oh and to compound things teams with the nickname warrior are not affected, as well as schools with a significant American Indian enrollment. I wish someone had the balls to stand up to this. I propose the Redskins make a preemptive strike and rename the team to “The Alcoholics” or “The Casino Owners” or something really offensive.
I do want to point out that I am sympathetic to the plight of the American Indian. What we did to them just sucks balls. Broke every treaty we ever made with them. Massacred women and children and forced them to move off their land. Therefore wouldn’t it be more offensive to name a team after Custer than to name a team after the Lakota Indians. Would you want some money from the merchandising? Fine. I think everyone needs to relax, When Florida State plays Notre Dame I’ll be rooting for the Indians to beat the Whites.
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