That salad didn’t stand a chance and other nuggets of life…

Had the ol’ Giant salad bar today. So cheap, so good. But I crushed it in record time, I had barely sat down when I looked down at a pathetic empty plastic container. It would seem like I’m eating healthy, But I’d have to say that showering it in Italian dressing may not be the best idea. But damn if it isn’t tasty.
On a note totally unrelated to unhealthy salad consumption, I got a new phone. Or actually I was given a new phone. By phone I mean this new supercomputer that I’m keeping in my pocket. Greg (who works for cingular) gave me his old smartphone that he had gotten tired of. Behold the glory that is the Treo 650! It’s taking some time to get used to the size and how it works. But I’ve mostly got it down now. It has a much better camera than the old T616 so the MoBlog should really start to pick up. Unfortunately the pictures are about double the size of the old ones. So it’ll cost more to send them over the cingular network. I’ve been trying to get the Bluetooth adapter to work on my pc, so I can just do one upload to the web at the end of the day. Buuttttt. I’ve been having lots of trouble getting the damn thing to work. You’ll know when I get it working, cause of all the glory that will be had. Seacrest out!

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