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J Lee

You could have said that I was anticipating this show, but that would be an understatement. I have become accustomed to being let down by new shows on TV. Prison Break is exciting, but not great. Reunion has promise, but seems to fall flat. My Name is Earl was the next one that I was excited about. Let me tell you it does not disappoint.

The show stars Jason Lee, former professional skateboarder and Kevin Smith movie alumni. I love Jason Lee. There.. I said it. I live my life through the words of Brody Bruce. “The cookie stand is a autonomous eatery for mid mall snacking… That kid is BACK on the escalator!” from the last testament of Mallrats.

Earl is not perfect, hell, he’s not even good. In the first 5 minutes of the show he tells you that, and shows you by robbing some unsuspecting Volvo-driving family. He gets drunk in Vegas and marries a woman (played by Jamie Pressley) who is 6 months pregnant. Which leads to his first memorable quote.

“Some people might think that getting so drunk that you marry a gal who’s 6 months pregnant might be a reason to stop drinking, more like a reason to keep drinking if you ask me.”

Now to the point of the show. Earl wins $100,000 on a scratcher ticket outside a convenience store and during a moment of celebration dances out in the street… where he is promptly creamed by an old woman driving a Buick. When Earl wakes up in the hospital the ticket is gone. Watching TV at night, Earl discovers the teachings of Carson Daly, Karma. He then decides to right all the wrongs in his life so that, “Life won’t kill him”.

I would like to write some glowing eloquent review, But I don’t think I could do this show justice. The writing is awesome, the characters are awesome, the camera work is awesome. Ethan Suplee as Earl’s lazy brother kills me with every line. This show flat out rocks. Of course this does mean that it will be instantly cancelled. Which is what network TV does with good things, like puppies and babies.

I’ll leave you with the wisdom of the Earl.

“She was a daytime hooker, it takes a special kind of lady to sell sexual favors in the light of day”

Hey Crab Man!

via My Name is Earl on NBC.com

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