Who will continue?



Any one of us could just drop dead at any time. I just heard a message on a podcast about someone who had a headache, then next thing you know they’re in intensive care. I really hope that dosen’t happen to me, but hey, you never can tell. Not that I’ve been obsessed with death or anything, but I’ve always wanted to write down a note. A message from beyond if you will. That someone could find… maybe I’ve seen to many TV movies.

Maybe I’m always thinking about that because I have so many half finished projects out there, and if I die, who will finish them? Listen to me. I sound like I’m curing cancer here, not building a beerpong table in the basement or a DVD collection of bad 80’s movies.

Here’s a list of things I need/want to get done. Not before I die, cause some all of this stuff won’t matter if I’m dead.


  • Burn DVD’s of 80’s movies from Netflix/Bittorrent
  • Finish Beerpong table
  • Finish Drawing of Jenn and Jayson
  • Draw a tattoo/Family Crest
  • Paint that painting.. you know that one.
  • Fix my computer
  • Fix my truck exhaust/get it inspected/ got to DMV
  • Blog more often
  • Do something with my senior project
  • Make Big Numbers to put on that rock out front
  • Get a job painting Comic Book Murals
  • Actually Start designing HERband website
  • Finish my Portfolio website
  • Back up my data on DVDs

So basically what I’m saying here is that I have a lot of ideas and not a lot of motivation. Or really I have motivation for about a week, if it goes any longer than that I get distracted… with a brand new cool idea… yah! So if I die, look through my computer for… wait a minute. That might be a bad idea…

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