A Day With the Carnies…



What did I do this weekend? I spent the day at the fair. Yes, the fair. The honest to goodness, root tootenest State Fair. Not just any State Fair, but the North Carolina state fair. I’m not sure what the difference is? But Susan and Ellen convinced me that it’s a big deal. It was definitely big. B. I. G. big

Picture in your mind what you think a state fair looks like… Got it? Yeah, that’s pretty much what it looks like. The thing about state fairs is that they don’t change much over the years. There’s only so large a potato can grow 12.6 lbs and only so much grooming a goat will take. The sate fair will always be there for you. It’s kind of comforting actually, kind of like the food they sell there. Which from what I gathered is pretty much the only reason that Susan and her sister go there.

You may be thinking that they go for the rhubarb pie or Mr. Smith’s award winning pecans. But there’s a much more nefarious plan afoot. Fried “Foods”. Not like French fries and onion rings… though they were there. I’m talking Deep fried Twinkies, Oreos, and oh dear god Candy Bars.

A Deep Fried Snickers is 900 calories… God Bless America. May our wealth grow as much as our asses.

Just let that sink in a little. while you imagine 2 healthy early 20’s girls stuffing themselves with every fried food in sight. It was glorious.

The people watching wasn’t bad either, there was quite an array of mullets and John Deere attire. Many examples of Ghetto Chic and of course personalized airbrushed hats. Damn I wish I would have bought one. Later in the night we saw a guy on the ground, he had just been knocked out “Deebo” style. I’m pretty sure he didn’t die, but there were 119,000 people there… just on Saturday. When NC rednecks get together, they do it big-time. We did miss the demolition Derby, but we saw Both pig and duck races… That’s right dual species racing action.

My recap on that one, Pigs race for cheese doodles, while the ducks race for the love of the sport.

Overall it was good to get out and do something new for the weekend. I haven’t been bloggin about my other adventures. I definitely should… they’re fun too.

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