Special edition Halloween Drinks…


Candy Corn Soda

So in conjunction with my love of special edition candy and my love of Halloween stuff I decided to buy these little cans of Jones soda. Now you must understand that Jones Holiday sodas are the stuff of internet legends. Their infamous Thanksgiving sampler pack is one of the most disgustingly glorious ideas ever. In that light I was actually expecting to be grossed out by these. The flavors that they had were “Candy Corn” and “Caramel Apple”. The candy corn is the one that you see in the picture above. Now I don’t think they actually used food safe dyes in this drink because it was the most yellow that anything has ever been. School Busses? Yield Signs? Lemons? All pussies compared to this. Actually the only thing I could think of is Highlighter fluid. also because if you spill come on your hand… it dyes it yellow. Not sure if this is something that you should really be putting in your body… but oh well, too late now. The taste is not as horrible as you could imagine, not much flavor at all actually, just corn syrup. Probably one of the sweetest things that I’ve ever tasted. But isn’t that the real spirit of Halloween? come on people.. let’s all hold hands. The Caramel Apple soda was a little disappointing. I thought this would be the one, the gross one that is. But if you’ve ever had Jones Green Apple Soda then you’ve basically had this already. Just drop in a hint of caramel flavor.

so overall I would say that this was a success, but I would like something more substantial, like pumpkin soda. MmMmmMm seedy.

via Jones Soda

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