I hate LOST…



So I’m a big LOST fan. We’ve watched every moment of every episode. With the season finale last year we were a little bit let down, but the premier was good enough to make me forget about that. Then something happened. The pace and method of the show changed. The understood formula last year was that nothing would really happen for the first 45-50 minutes of the show and then something shocking would happen at the end. Then the “next week on Lost” segment would be really interesting and draw you back for next week. But the last 3 episodes have been slightly different.


This show is moving slower than 24, but without all the ridiculous gunfights. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, things do happen on the show, it’s just that they aren’t as amazing and cool as they used to be. You used to be able to analyze every little thing and try to fit the numbers in somehow. Also is it just me or is everyone on the show starting to act a little crazy, just a little off?

Take the episode where they get into the hatch and watch the orientation video. That video was useless, I watched it twice and it doesn’t say that anything bad will happen if you don’t push the button. It says that there was an incident and that the compound on the island is for studying many things. But after they watch the video Locke is all excited about saving the world? The only one that said that is Desmond, and he’s obviously nuttier than a snickers. Then Jack starts freaking out on everybody because he thinks the button pushing is stupid (which I do also) Damn I hate love this show

You know what this show is starting to remind me of? The crappy soap opera “Passions” or Dragon Ball Z because both have the pacing of a retarded snail and are filled with all kinds of loony scenarios and magic.

but really there’s no point in arguing about it… we all know I’m going to watch next week and the week after that… cause it hurts so good.

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