Mark carves him some pumpkin…


So last night we decided to carve pumpkins. Nothing to get you in the Halloween spirit like carving the guts out of a vegetable. We had some friends over and had some beers over too. We got together about 7 and went to the store together to pick out our pumpkins. I got myself a tallish one with some cool warts on the outside. I don’t know what it was but I think this pumpkin has some kind of skin disorder. The rind was like cutting a rock. It literally bent the knife when I tried to stick it in there. Everyone else was already done scooping when I finished cutting the stupid top off of mine. I just sat there for a minute and recovered from the work. Then I realized that I was way behind and that I really didn’t want to cut through this rind again. So I decided to do it my way.

I got out the power tools…

Now the girls must have seen too many episodes of “Home Improvement” since they were kind of upset with the idea. But I assured them that I would keep all of my fingers attached to my body. They obviously aren’t familiar with my liberal use of power tools. This hardened shell stood no chance against the power of my mighty 20 year old jigsaw. One minute later my pumpkin was done. Oh man is it beautiful! Beautifully disgusting!


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