Mark Fixes the Beerpong Table…






So I think we’ve fixed the problem that I caused the other night. Not that it was easy or anything, but it’s fixed. When I got home the plexi-glass pieces had been soaking in turpentine all day. Unfortunately, like Rainer Wolfcastle’s goggles… “They do no-sing”. So all the scrubbing in the world wasn’t going to get them clean. On to the next idea. Through some trial and error I discovered that by using the edge of another piece of plexi-glass I could scrape off the frosting without scratching the glass. It was 5:15. 4 1/2 hours later with my hand gnarled into some kind of claw and cuts on my knuckles, I finished. It was like some kind of punishment for screwing up. But it was worth it. While not perfect the inserts were looking pretty good. I told the boys that we’d have to abandon the frosting plan and just use them clear which I think looks better anyway A quick rubdown with the liquid sander and we were back in business. Now on to the next step… the clear coat…

I had a little experience with this when I was about 14, making paper weights and just general monk eying around. But it kind of scared me to be mixing epoxy and pouring it over the table that I’d worked so hard on. The instructions said to mix the two parts equally, which we did. The instructions also said that we didn’t have enough to fully cover the table… but what do they know… stupid instructions. We proved them wrong my making it last to cover the whole table. Nothing horrible happened, yet, so I’m hoping that this step is a success. It wasn’t quite dry this morning, which makes me a little worried about pouring on more tonight. Maybe we’ll just let this dry and pour the rest on after the party? I’ll have to consult with the team.

Pongfather Out!

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