My new system is awesome…


A while back I made a list of movies that I either need to see again, or possibly buy on DVD. The list was ranked by the “desirability” of the movie versus the price of buying. If it was a movie that I thought I would watch more than once I would spend up to say… $15 on it. But if it was just something that I would watch once and just let sit on the shelf and be ridiculed by visitors looking over my DVD collection. *Ahem* Iron Eagle. Then I had this idea that I would subscribe to netflix and copy the less desirables with my DVD burner. Total cost of owning the movie, about $5-ish.But then on the horizon… what was that.. another great idea sailing in to the brain port. Arrr I don’t have to be a pirate… Arrr. It was as simple as a little link on USED! I’ve always been a fan of cheap DVDs. Especially the cheap DVD bin at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately that selection is limited to hundreds of copies of Stroker Ace and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Almost every movie on Amazon has used listing and most of them are at a 80% discount. So far I’ve ordered 5 movies I think, at a cost of about $5 per movie… and that includes shipping. While I have ordered some sub-par movies… *cough* BMX Bandits. Most were at least B movies. I eagerly await the arrival of “The Mothman Prophecies” for a low low price of $4.95.


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