Got Doom workin on the Treo…


It’s actually more like a proof of concept thing right now. I mean it works and all… but only like half the time. The other times I have to take out the battery to get the phone to reboot. I’ve been searching online and it looks like I have to get this memory hack so that it’ll stop crashing. But I’m not going to pay 20 bucks for that. For real, who do they think they’re dealing with?

So I’ll have to use the Google-FU to find it somewhere. But not while I’m at work. I don’t think it would look good if I was going on “those parts” of the internet while I was at work. Maybe I’ll actually get around to fixing my computer sometime tonight, so that I can solve this enigma.

But I’ll probably go out to Rock Bottom for a little while and then back to my house to watch LOST. Ahh the bachelor’s life.

via it plays doom

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