This movie will not make any money. I know this. I enjoy this fact. Mallrats made $800,000 when it opened in 1995, this movie made just over 5 Million in it’s opening weekend. Critics hate it. Your mom will hate it.  But I love it. It will join CLerks, Mallrats, Harold and Kumar, Van Wilder, and a string of others that are much better after repeat viewings.
It’s not about the characters, it’s about the encironment. They get the little things right. They work at Shenanaginz, a bastard child of Ruby Tuesdays and Fridays. If you have ever worked as a Server or a Cook in a restaraunt you will LOVE this movie. They bitchy customers are a little over the top. But the things that Ebert dosen’t even see are the funniest. The interaction between the cooks and the servers, Watching the stupid training videos on your first day, Faking a good attitude in front of the tables, The hot hostesses, the hotter cocktail waitresses. The devil is really in the details for this movie. If you’ve never worked in food service you might not get the full effect of this movie. But if you have… you will see the glory!


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