Pringles, sweet crispy flakes of heaven…



When I was at Giant on Tuesday (buying Coke Zero.. but that’s a different story) I saw that Pringles were on sale, 10 for 10 dollars. At this price how could I resist stocking my desk drawers with them? So I bought 3 kinds, Jalapeño, Fiery Hot, and the old standby Sour Cream and Onion. The problem with these little guys is that they aren’t chips, so much as they are little dusty crisps of Crack. Lays? Bet you can’t eat just one? That’s Bullshit! This is where the hot action is. I noticed that there are 6 servings in a can, at a cost to the love handles of 160 calories each. I guess it’s bad when you can imagine eating the entire can, or hell, I think I could eat all three cans in one sitting.

Eating Pringles isn’t so much about enjoying the flavor as it is an exercise in will power over addiction. I just sit there staring at the stack of chips getting smaller and smaller. Just trying to stop myself from pillaging the Pringles villages. It’s really a losing battle, just like safe sex, the only real solution is abstinence.

I think we need some kind of mascot to use in public service announcements. Like Smokey the bear, but more suited to fried potato eating. Maybe this would be a good job for Peter Griffin or possibly the “Sexual Harassment Panda” from South Park. We need to get a team on this, perhaps pass it on to a think tank.

via Pringles World Domination

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