Halloween Recap part un…


After careful consideration, Twix is the best candy out there. And Smores bar suck. I’ve been eating way too much candy since Halloween. I think the other morning I ate 5 little candy bars on the way to work. Then at work I ate a bunch more. Then I got all exited… then I got really tired. I really have to stop doing that.

Speaking of other things I have to stop doing… I really need to stop antagonizing people. For example, a couple miles from my house on the commute home there is this corner that always backs up. It’s one of those bumper to bumper situations where you either have to be let out or cut someone off. Either way you’re going nowhere slow. So I must have spaced out for a minute and didn’t notice a nice driver letting me out, because I was making her wait for an extra 3 seconds the driver behind me lays on the horn. I look in the mirror to see her yelling and flapping her hands around. this kind of thing really gets on my nerves, and sets my maturity level back about 15 years. I didn’t go… In fact I put the car in reverse and backed closer to her car… This sort of freaked her out and frantically put her hands back on the wheel and worried that I would hit her or something. probably because women don’t know the dimensions of there cars as well as men… it’s a proven fact! I didn’t hit her… I didn’t even come close, but I hope it made the stick pop out oh her ass. I then calmly waved to her and turned left. During all this the car that was going to let me out had moved about 12 feet. People are such dumbasses…


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