We Must Protect This House…




So I know this post is going to be out of order, but I haven’t gotten all the pictures from the Halloween party. But lets say that the house was a little dirty after the party. And lets say that “a little dirty” means like a beer bomb went off inside a brothel. Unfortunatley, this is getting to be somewhat of a regular state for the house to be in. After the debacle that was moving out of the apartment and trying to clean those carpets at the end of the lease. I really don’t want to repeat that. So Jesse and I came up with a solution…
cover everything in rugs!

Jesse’s aunt donated a runner and an area rug. We are actually in need of a few more. I think we’ve given up on having them match. Yesterday I actaully screwed the runner to the steps with quarter round and deck screws. Thus continuing my new commitment to doing things cheaply. Check back for updates of “The Ruggenation”


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