New Limited Edition Candy Goodness…


 pong2 pong3 pong4 pong5 So I was walking blearily around the 7-11 in the morning. I’d decided that as long as I was going to be late for work anyway then I might as well be full of food. I was going for my staple diet, the egg and cheese croissant. It’s a tasty beast, especially when heated to #2 on the microwave. I almost past the display thinking it was the Reese’s display with Helio Castroneves, the IRL driver. But something caught my eye… and thank god it did! Special Edition Kit Kats
I love candy that incorporates chocolate and crunchy bits. Crunch bars, Twix, that new Take5, and especially Kit Kats. I’d been eating the equivalent of one per day in bite sized versions since Halloween. These two were Coffee and Orange/Crème… and here is their story.
I had to restrain myself from just eating them both at once. One, because I knew that I’d be all hyper later in the day. and Two cause I wasn’t sure the combination of orange and coffee sounded all that good together. So I ate the coffee one first. I was actually still drinking my coffee at the time so it mad a good match. It tasted good. really good. Not overpowering with coffee taste, but really creamy goodness. I highly recommend it.
I was going to eat the other one later in the day, but I forgot and left it on my desk. I’m lucky the cleaning lady in my office seems to ignore whatever I leave lying around. So I waited till after lunch to eat it. Orange and Crème sounds like an after lunch Kit Kat anyway. It was everything I could have hoped for. From the bright orange color to the creamsicle like smell. Tom, being disgusted with the shear concept of Orange and Crème, did not approve. But I powered on. Having been trained to like the combination by my parents frequent trips to Steak and Shake. Orange Freeze… MMmMMMMM The heat in the office had made it a little melty, perfect. It really doesn’t taste like a Kit Kat, probably because the only relation it has to the real Kit Kat is it’s form factor and it’s crispy innards. MMmMmm, crispy innards My opinion is that if you are not offended by the marriage of Orange and Crème you will like this. But I have a feeling that not as many people will like this one as do the coffee one. Anyway, it was worth the 1.65 I spent on them.

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