Halloween at the Vienna Sausage…


So It’s been a little over a week since the Halloween party, I really should get around to doing these things more often. But I had other things to do dammit. Plus I always get really stressed out when I have to plan something this big… and then clean up from something this big.

The decorations were mostly finished about a week before the party. We put spiderwebs all over the outside of the house and green and orange lights in the bushes and around the windows. On the inside we had the requisite fog machines working, the tens of black lights, and of course glorious streamers. I really don’t remember if I took any pictures of the decorations… lets assume that I didn’t.

I’d told everyone that the Beerpong table would be complete by the time of the party. So I had a little bit of pressure to get it done. I really wanted to just say that I didn’t have enough time to finish it. But that would have been a cop out. The project kind of went like any other development project. I started with some grand designs and a deadline, I ended with a deadline and a functional table. Without all the whosits and whatsits. Oh well, even in that state it’s still awesome. The table has been taken down for completion after the party

Of course Jesse and I owned the first 3 games on the table. Before we lost, I think we might have thrown it just to get off the deck. It was really cold out there.

Not everybody who said they were going to be there came. I don’t think any of my “maybes” came. But I really didn’t expect them to. Most of them were people that I hadn’t seen in a few years, so they can wait till another day. But the whole crew came out for this one. Of course we had the Cash Money Crew. Who all came in excellent costumes, Iceman, Maverick, a Tetris Piece… just to name a few. Ellen came as Anna Nicole Smith… and her costume got better as she drank more! Wade was his own creation… the Screw-nicorn, he basically just wore a strap-on on his head.. but he wore it well! I was technically a Beastie Boy from the Sabotage video… but I’ll settle for “a 70’s cop” you losers. A close second in the costume contest was Jesse who came as “Professor Chaos” from South Park. His costume was so great! Plus we call him Butters on a regular basis, so that makes it better! But the king and queen of the costumes were Brent and Susan. Wine and Cheese. First of all I always like when couples do joint costumes. Second I like things made out of cardboard. And Third I almost lost it when Susan realized that she couldn’t fit through the sliding glass door while wearing her cheese suit. ooh wait! and Fourth… That Brent’s “nozzle” was fully functional!

Overall I think the party was awesome. We definitely learned some things for next year, number one being either buy 2 kegs or have a supply of back up beer. We underestimated the ability of our friends to destroy a massive amount of beer. Cause the keg ran out at 12:08… just past the time when we could have done anything about it. Lesson Learned! But nobody freaked out, we gave out yeungling to the people we know and told the others… well sorry, get the fuck out!.. ahahah. But after a little while of making sure that everyone was ok and that Jesse and Charlie knew to watch out for the place. I crashed out, and it was glorious… I made it to 2am. That’s like 5 for the normal person.

Jesse was sad that this is our one big party of the year. We’re passing around the idea of having another big party over the winter break, maybe new years… but I have another party to go to then. Maybe something right after school gets out. I’ll let you guys know.


Halloween Party Evidence

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