Goals for the year.


Well this makes the first year that I’ve made New Years Resolutions. Really I’ve never done them because I know that I’ll never follow through with them. I actually make resolutions every month or so, to get healthy, to get out of debt. Shocker that’s mostly what my goals are for the year.

Get out of debt.

This one is probably the hardest for me, because I have a steady job with adequate pay and that makes me think I should have money to spend. But that is NOT the case. Another problem is… that I’m good at almost everything. Now why does this sudden burst of self-confidence / ego have anything to do with spending money. Well, say I’m in the mood for a project, I know how to paint, lets spend hundreds of dollars on supplies for a beerpong table. How about retrofitting the Kegerator (that we built in the first place) to fit 1/2 barrel kegs? Well whip out the credit card for another trip to the Home Depot for fiberglass, foam, and bondo. Darts? I’m good at that too, why not buy some new ones? I think one of my problems is that I’m used to living at my parents house, not that they paid for everything all the time, but they have decades worth of crap laying around. That way I could go down to the basement for whatever part or building supplies I needed, instead of running out to buy it. I need to get it through my head that I can make due with something that doesn’t look as good. SO good luck to me on that.

Lose Weight/ get skinny/ stop being such a lazy turd.

So I’ve been meaning to deflate this spare tire that I’ve been building for the last year. But I’ve become very attached to it. Not in the affectionate way, in the way that gum gets “attached” to your shoe. Plus beer and fired foods are so tasty. I’m not going to go into details about how I got this way, I’m just a fatass. But Ellen talked about running a sprint Triathlon in the spring sometime, that seems like a good goal to get fit, and the whole “Not dying early” thing is a winner too. Eating that cheese danish on the way back from my physical may have been a bad start, but I did walk about 20 blocks, thus burning calories and saving money on Metro. Two-fer-one!

We’ll see how this goes


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