What I learned today…


So what did I learn today? Well it seems like the Capitol is a few blocks from my office! AND that Union Station is a few blocks from the Capitol! AND that the Kaiser Permanente Building is just a few scant blocks from Union Station! UNFORTUNATLEY combining those all together with the fact that I can get lost in a paper bag amounts to a lot of fucking walking.

I’m usually not that sad when I get lost. Maybe it’s because it happens so often that I’m used to it. When I’m alone anyway I just sort of wander around until I find something that looks vaguely familiar and go from there. That seems to work a LOT better when you’re in a car. I really only got lost on the way there because the directions on the Kaiser website said “from Union Station walk west one block on Mass. Ave.” This may seem like a stupid question…

How am I supposed to know which way is west?

This isn’t 1806, I don’t carry a compass. And it’s overcast so I can’t see the sun or anything and moss always grows on the outside of the tree. So that’s where the walking started, once I found North Capitol Street things got better.

Since I already walked 4 blocks to the building and the lab work took about 10 seconds I thought I’d walk back to the office. So I thought I would just walk to the Capitol Building and then find my office. when I got to the building I needed to find the Botanical Gardens to get my bearings. I also thought that little guy on the top of the building was facing the Washington Monument, Damn him! SO I made 3 lefts to go right, while walking all the way around the Capitol. I swear the capitol police were watching me and about to put me on some kind of terrorist watch list. But I made it! It took me about 45 minutes, but how else will I learn?

Another thing that I learned is that I really need to figure out how to describe the book that I’m reading to other people.

“Sex drugs and Coco Puffs” is about…

Well it’s about everything.. and nothing.. and Saved by the Bell!

Also I got hit on by a black nurse… she wanted to hold my hand while I got my blood drawn… But I just tried to explain what my silly book was about instead. Also I was a little frozen from all the walking.



On reading this a second time I would just like to point out  I only said “Black Nurse” because I don’t think I’ve ever been able to attract the lovley dark skinned ladies. My usual woman has more of a milky white complection. Except for Ellen, who has sort of a “year round tan” or at least does to me, because I’m practically clear. But she’s not the norm for me… she

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