I’m a geek.


So it used to be cool and geeky to carry around an Ipod and listen to your entire music collection on one device. But with Apple having 90% market share in mp3 players it’s really not that uncommon. In fact it’s harder to find someone who dosen’t own an Ipod, or at least that makes sense in my gadget obsessed mind. But I’m moving into the next level of geekdom, Phone as do-it-all device.

I’ve been using the loaned Treo 650 for some time now, but I never wanted to get too attached to it because at any moment Greg could just ask for it back and I would have to give it to him. But The other day he came home with a new toy. The Siemens SX-66, a monster smartphone he bought 2nd hand from his boss. Therefore efectivly satisfying his gadget lust and making it less likley that he would want the Treo back. So cool! I can really pimp this thing out now… to the Max.

With a Best Buy gift card I went and got a stereo handsfree kit for cell phones, which means 2 earphones and a microphone. (Which is onfortunatley mono right now, but i’ll work on that) so that I can listen to music with the Treo. I have a 512mb SD card that I got a while back, so I can’t put too many songs on there, but right now I’m dropping about 100 on there as a test. I think the playback is good enough for me, but the commute home will be the real test.

Also “Video Ipod be dammed”, I can watch stuff on this too. Well dammed is a strong sentiment, how about “Suck it, Video Ipod”. I’ve already tested the video playback with a couple music videos, they seem to work fine. Without re-encoding an episode of The Simpsons they are around 100mb, which is resonable, but I think I can squeeze them down to a more managable size, I mean really they’re just 22 minutes long?

So hopefully this will be the test run for the digital media player of the future, I’m greedy and want one that can do everything. It’ll be around someday, you just watch.


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