Not what you’re thinking, but close. Well actually, not close at all. I’ve found this new band that I absolutley love. It follows a theme set long ago by me. Bands that Rock and have female lead singers. It started with Shirley Manson of Garbage, then I had this thing in High School with Save Ferris and No Doubt. I think there was a bit of a chick rock drought after that? or I just can’t remember any of them. There’s got to be someone. I found HER late last year, they’re this NYC band… unfortunatley they went country, WTF. So I think it was Wired magazine that turned me onto this band.


I’m not afraid to say it. I’m a dude, a 6’5″ 235 lb monster of a dude, and I like to sing along with rock chicks. Who cares, this band has energy, it’s like contagious or something.
Morningwood is a mix of things, kind of like a more pop version of Garbage with a little bit of synth built in. They have “sing along songs”, Pop rock songs,  and songs that… damn I don’t know I just like them all… let’s say it’s a nice mix.

Not to mention that the lead singer does not look bad. Although she does kind of remind me of old pictures of my sister Shelley, which kind of freaks me out.

Check them out!



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