New Hampshire Snowboarding trip recap.


Left for BWI Thursday night. While fighting traffic I correctly predicted that the two worst songs in recent history would come on back to back. 1.) Shake that laffy Taffy 2.) My Humps. This trifecta could only have been completed if the third song was Popozao by Douchebag Federline. We made the flight on time and arrived in Manchester, NH at about 1030. Ben drove us directly to a bar where we listened to the worlds greatest cover band THE ZOO. The lead singer is sooooo hot. Not the dude, the chick.

So then Peter and I almost get tickets for public urination. The ever so polite officer informs Peter aka. “You and your small penis over there” that he and “The Liar”(me) that we would have to register as sex offenders if he writes us the ticket. Proceeds to make sign language and retard noises at Ben and confuses me (6’5″ bright red hat) with Dennis (5’9” no hat). Let me tell you this is why I Hate most cops think they are very good.

So after that ugly incident is over we get back to Ben and Bonnie’s house at about 1. Bonnie has to get up at 6 to euthanize anesthetize some animals at the vet’s office she works at. But she gets bit by a possibly rabid cat and has to come home early. This is about the time we all wake up. We mill about for a couple hours and then get our stuff ready to go over to Ben’s mom’s house, which is closer to the mountain that we’re going to ride that night. We eat at a local sub shop and all gain about 5 lbs.

Ben’s mom lives in an old blacksmith’s shop that was built in 1810 and added onto in 1850. So lets say that the house is really odd. cool, but odd. The deal at Crotched Mountain starts at 6, all you can ride from 6pm-3am for $29.00. The mountain is awesome. Maybe it’s cause I’ve only been to Virginia Mountains, but this is something I expected to see in a video game or something. Especially all lit up at night. We boarded for about 4 hours and then took a break to go back to Martha Stewart’s Ben’s mom’s house. She made us Shepard’s pie, which I have to tell you at that moment was probably the best thing I ever had. So basic, sooooooo good. We went back to the mtn. at about midnight and decided to tackle some of the tougher runs. I don’t exactly suck on a snowboard, but I’m not exactly good either. so this was a bit of a challenge. We literally rode the lift to the very top of the mountain. luckily there were green and blue runs to the bottom. But by that time my legs were so sore that I could barely make heel side turns. But it was still awesome beyond words.

After getting back to the home front and drinking many cups of hot cider with spiced rum we watched parts of Donnie Darko on HBO and fell asleep. luckily ghosts did not haunt my dreams. We were supposed to get up early the next morning and hit another mountain. That did not happen.

We all started getting up at about 1030.. maybe closer to 12. But there were eggs and bacon and toast and pretty much every other breakfast food ready for us. THANK YOU BONNIE So after we gorged ourselves again we decide to go to Pat’s Peak for the day. It was an older resort and way busier but it was much cheaper than Crotched. Like Half price. The $28 admission included rentals. The weather was a lot warmer and the snow was different, but I still had a good time. My legs were so worn out that I took a couple falls just cause I couldn’t move right. But I think that Dennis’s Dislocated shoulder takes the prize for best fall. We all boarded for a couple hours, took a break at the lodge, and then went back for our final runs. I definitely wasn’t as daring this day, but it was still really fun and I can’t wait to go again.

I’m definitely going to start looking for deals on a complete setup for next year. That way I won’t have to rely on the resort for rentals. so if you see any deals, let me know!

It was also awesome to get everyone back together again. We’ll have to do that more often.

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