The Pregerator, volume one.


My latest finished project was the kegerator improvement initiative. I refiberglassed the door so that the fridge can fit full (1/2 barrel) kegs with the door open. The door is bowed out, thus giving it a pregnant look. We have dubbed it.. The Preggerator. We should really sell these things. All it would really take is an aftermarket door and drill a hole in the top and you can easily turn a kenmore minifridge into a kegerator. For the unvieling we got a keg of Newcastle Brown Ale. Probably the best beer ever, but definatley not the cheapest. I lost my camera, but I think I have some phonecam pics of the setup.

Bar Before

Expanding in progress

The door after

A minikeg (1/4 barrel) inside, see how it sticks out


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