I’ve got the devil’s haircut in my head…


So i thought it was about time to get a haircut. I’d been getting poked in the eye with my hair for a couple days now. So I just went to the local Hair Cuttrery thinking that it would be better than some fly by night place. Oh was I wrong. It may be that I can’t properly describe what I really want in a haircut. But I’m not going to take all the blame for the bad cut. I said that I wanted like 1 inch cut off everywhere and more in the back. I think she must have heard “blah blah blah, don’t cut the back… but only on one side”. I tried to fix it a little, which did make it slightly better, and slightly worse. I cut the sides a little, which made the back look more like a baby mullet. Ellen made a comment last week about cutting my hair for me. I’ll have to see tonight if she was serious and have her fix the back.

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